In My Life: The Unseen Beatles

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It's getting really cold in London! And I can't believe it's almost the end of year!! Time flies so quick....

Anyway, I'd like to introduce you this great exhibition "In My Life: The Unseen Beatles by Henry Grossman" at Mach Schau' Gallery.


ところで今回はロンドンのMach Schau' Galleryで催されている"In My Life:The Unseen Beatles by Henry Grossman"についてご紹介。

Henry Grossman is a New York born photographer who has been taking portraits of famous artists/ activists/ politicians etc. He shot the Beatles extensively between 1964 and 1968.  He had a really good relationship with them and you can tell it from his photos.

I don't want to spoil this if you are interested in the exhibition and are planning to visit, so I'll just show you a sneak peak from a private viewing on last Tuesday.....(sorry they are not great photos!!)

Henry Grossmanはニューヨーク生まれのフォトグラファー、有名なアーティスト、活動家、政治家などの肖像を撮影してきた事で有名。彼は1964年から68年にかけてThe Beatlesの写真を多数撮影。その間のバンドと彼の良い関係が写真にも反映されています。


The exhibition is on till 10th of December. The gallery Mach Schau' Gallery is located at Beak Street,  just off Carnaby Street.   It's a really nice hidden gallery, hope you have a chance to visit there!

展示会は12月10日まで。Mach Schau' Galleryはカーナビーストリートの終わりに交わるBeak Streetにあります。隠れ家的なかなりすてきなギャラリーです。ぜひ足を運んでみてください!

You can have a look of the photos of the exhibition at 

展示会にある写真を見るには上のRock Paper Photoのサイトまで。

Visit Mach Schau facebook page for details and updates. 

Mach Schauのfacebook pageもあるのでチェックしてみてください。

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