The Recliners


This is a cool acoustic indie rock band from Oxford. 

Check their music!!

  Light from your dreams by The_Recliners

The Ricliners

「音楽を通じて自分たちを表現する自由を手に入れたい」という強い思いから、2009年1月にバンドを結成。その後すぐにライブ活動を開始する。メンバーは、Mark (lead Vo./ G.), Stu (lead G./Vo.), Oli (Ba.), Jai (Dr.)の4人。MarkとStuは兄弟で、彼らは10歳のときに作詞作曲を始める。特にStuは、父親の影響で4歳の時からギターを習い始めた。Oliは彼らの長年の親友で、Jaiとは姉を介して知り合ったという。影響を受けたバンドは Oasis, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, Bob Dylan, Rory Gallagher, Paul Weller, David Bowie, The Coralなど。

The Recliners are 4-peice acoustic band from Oxford.  They started gigging soon after the band was formed in January 2009.  Members are, Mark (lead Vo./ G.), Stu (G./Vo.), Oli (Ba.) and Jai (Dr.).  Mark and Stu are brothers, they began to write songs when they were about 10.  Influenced by their father, Stu started playing the guitar when he was 4.  Oli is their best friend, and they met Jai through their sister.  The Recliners are influenced by Oasis, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, Bob Dylan, Rory Gallagher, Paul Weller, David Bowie, The Coral and many great musicians.  They make music for freedom, freedom to express themselves.

  Burn down the maze by The_Recliners

Members' photo


I couldn't go to their gig this month, but I hope I can see them soon!  By the way, Yoko Ono is following them on Twitter. By the way....

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You can listen to their songs more at links above!!


The Belligerents


Check this band, and dance with their music!

The Belligerents  ------------ from Brisbane, Australia

2009年、ブリスベンで結成された5ピースバンド。自分たちの音楽はダンス/エレクトロ/パンク/ポップ/ロックと広くカテゴライズしている。またメンバーの紹介を、自分の関心事以外興味のないボーカル、髪が異常に長いギタリスト(今は短い)、ドイツ人のベーシスト、アジア人のキーボード、言葉の通り動物的なドラマー、と説明している。ライブでは、毎回メンバー全員が同じ衣装で登場し、また自らが激しく踊りオーディエンスを盛り上げる。バンドは結成されて間もないが、すでに国内、海外のバンドのサポートも務めており、Neon IndiaやMetronomyのギグをサポートした。最近メジャーレーベルと契約し、ファーストシングルの’These Hands’をリリース。また現在はEPアルバムの製造が進行中。


Lewis Stephenson - Rhythm guitar, Vocals

James Griffin - Lead guitar

Konstantin Kersting - Bass

Andy Balzat - Keys

White Stag - Drums

The Belligerents are 5-piece dance/electro/punk/rock band from Brisbane, Australia.  Formed in late 2009, they already supported not only national bands but international bands.  Recently they supported Metronomy, and they will play with Neon India at the end of this year.  All members wear same unique outfits at their gig, they dance on the stage and bring a lot of excitement to the audience.  You can see them on the following videos.


I love this video, it's a lot of fun to see the band themselves enjoy their gig.

Cool guys.

Their debut EP has been pressed at the moment, it's called 'Less Arty More Party EP'.  (Actually this is great information, you are the first ones who know the title now!!) 

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There are some other live videos of The Belligerents on Youtube, so please check them as well.