Hair Colour and Outfit

I've been wiring about music here all the time but now, I want to start writing about my style as well.

I couldn't get my head around for a long time but got encouraged by my friends and street fashion photographers so here you go....finally I'm doing this!

To being with, let me talk about my hair colour and matching outfits. As you can tell from my profile picture, I have dip-dye fringe with my natural jet black hair. This is sort of my distinctive style, I guess. Of course I know you say it's 'trendy' though!

But I've changed my hair colours so many times over 2 years. First colour was green, then blue, pink, orange, purple, went back to pink and now I have peacock blue fringe with emerald green on tip of my side hair (I always use Crazy Colour). 

I  must admit that I am easily get bored and that's the reason why I keep changing the colour. I don't know why I started having dip-dye fringe, but it was around Autumn in 2011, maybe I was so inspired by fashionable people or again just got bored with my conventional hair style. But since then I cannot go back to simple black hair, I'm so addicted to vivid hair colours. Though I wouldn't dye whole my hair because I still love my black hair and also it takes time and it costs a lot if I dye all my hair. 

I love wearing really colourful clothes, vivid, psychedelic patterns and colours. But I don't want to be so messy,  I always want to be playful but stylish and I love matching my hair colour and outfit colour. 

You can't see it well but green colour on my hair is sort of matching with the shirt's green patterns. 
(Photo credit The Nyanzi Report, taken in 2011 )

Again it's not easy to see but blue fringe is matching with my scarf's print colour. 
(Photo credit Styleeast, taken in 2012 )
I'm not sure how many people saw this but this photo of myself was featured in Evening Standard in May 2012. You can find the article here (Oh my skin condition was terrible at that time....shame! )

This is all about being pink. (photo credit Styleeast, taken in 2012)

I matched purple of my hair, scarf and tights, and also orange of my coat and dress. Plus brown sandal and brown bag! (photo credit Marcus Dawes, taken in 2012 )

I couldn't find my photo of orange hair....but here's one I made to match with Japanese super-heros Gorenger....

Unfortunately I didn't have red hair and yellow hair so they are replaced by orange (looks like red though) and purple. 

Well I don't have much to say for conclusion of this post...haha sorry, but hope you enjoyed looking all these colours! 
These photos were taken in 2011 and early 2012 so my style has been changed since then, now I wear lot's of 60s and 70s because music, fashion, life style in the 2 decades are all my passion now! I will blog about my latest style soon again :)

Thanks for reading the post, 
Fumie xx



Last month I went to see Cosmonauts, 4-peice lo-fi garage/ psychedelic rook band from South California.

Cosmonauts were formed in 2009. They released their first self-titled 12" LP in June 2010, followed by cassette tape EP New Psychic Denim in March 2011. Since then they have been prolific: producing three singles, one LP and one EP during 2012 to early 2013. Their latest album released in this August "Person Non Grata" is available in CD/LP/Cassette format. Having finished their headlining European Tour in this summer, now they are back in USA and carrying on their tour this year. 

They are often described as garage/psych but you could see they are influenced by 80s/90s shoegaze and alternative rock (and that's what they love).

They didn't talk much and just keep playing at the gig I went, I really enjoyed the show though they seemed like they had problems between members and the guitar player left the stage before they finished last 2 songs. Hopefully they will be in a good mood when I see them again.....

Visit their Facebook

Listen to their music on Bandcamp

Read their interview on Get Bent!


Oh la la

Shite!! I haven't posted anything since this January.....it's September now!

Well so sorry for being quiet for such a long time. Mainly because I became SUPER BUSY since the end of January, I've got a job at a vintage shop. So now I am a freelance translator, record shop staff and vintage shop staff. So indeed I am still super busy. But I'm back on blogging again, I just want to share music with many people and maybe I'll share my fashion style because I'm such a vintage fashion victim, I can't stop collecting 60s&70s clothes....but I love dressing up everyday like I listen to records everyday Oh thanks to my jobs!!

So....just watch this space!! I'll try to update here more frequently!!

Fumie xxx



Fumie xxx