Legends of Leeds

They are legends of Leeds....If you love classic rock, progressive rock and instrumental music then this band is exactly for you.....


That Fucking Tank 

That Fucking Tank was formed in 2004 by old-school-friends Andy Abbot and James Lislip just as one-off performance.  Andy plays Baritone guitar which is tuned to play bass and guitar lines at the same time and James produces dynamic sound with minimal drum set.  Their energetic performances struck people not only in the UK but all over Europe.  By 2007, they started playing more regularly.  In 2009 March the band released an album called 'Tanknology' which gathered songs from the last two years of their activity. They are writing new materials now, and they will be recorded at some point in the future.

That Fucking Tankは学生時代からの友人アンディー・アボットとジェームス・リズリップによって2004年に結成されたバンド。アンディーはベースとギターラインが同時に出るようチューニングされたバリトンギターを使用し、ジェームスは最小限のドラムキットでダイナミックなサウンドをたたき出す。当初は一回限りの演奏のつもりであったが、彼らのそのエネルギッシュなパフォーマンスはイギリスのみならずヨーロッパ中にファンを作り、2007年までには定期的にライブを行うようになる。最近の2年間の活動から曲を集めたアルバム'Tanknology'を2009年3月にリリース。現在は新たな楽曲を作成中、そして将来的にはレコーディング予定である。

There are some photos I took at their gig in London early this year.  (At Old Blue Last)


This is their latest music video directed by JakOmat. (2011)

こちらはジャック・オマト氏によって作成されたThat Fucking Tankの最新ビデオ。(2011年)

This is one of the weirdest videos I've ever seen so far....but well, the sound is really cool. 


I often went to see them when I was living in Leeds. When I first saw their live they just blow my mind. I just couldn't believe that just this two people with minimal instruments could make such massive sounds which  made all people in the venue crazily move and jump (probably dance too, but it looked like people were happily drowned in their sound and just expressing their feeling with their body gestures).  They don't play that much in London and I heard they don't like London....but their fans are quite a lot here in London too. I do hope to see them soon again somewhere!!!


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