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Finally I got this band's CD! Umm it took time from its release...

Ice Cream.....?? lol

I Am Arrows  ------- Official Site: I Am Arrows

イギリス出身、Razorlight の元ドラマーAndy Brrowsが2009年に結成したインディーポップバンド。メンバーは、Andyの弟Ben Burrows (Ba), Adam Chetwood (G.), Ben Chetwood (Dr.) (こちらも兄弟), Nick Hill (G.)で、ボーカルはAndyが担当。2010年4月12日に、デビューシングル 'Nun' をリリース。続くセカンドシングル 'Green Grass' は7月12日に発表され、8月16日に14曲入りのデビューアルバム、'Sun Comes Up Again'をリリースした。

I Am Arrows was formed by the former drummer of Razorlight, Andy Brrows in 2009.  Members are Andy's younger brother Ben Brrows, Adam & Ben Chetwood (G. & Dr.), Nick Hill (G.) and Andy plays vocals and the guitar as well.  Their first single 'Nun' was released in 12 April 2010, and the second ' Green Grass' was in 12 July.  They also released their debut album  'Sun Comes Up Again' on 16 August.  They supported MUSE in the following month, and I Am Arrows also did their UK tour after the support.  They will perform gigs at Winchester and London in this December.

こちらがファーストシングル 'Nun'

This is their first single 'Nun'

  Nun by I Am Arrows

イギリス出身だけど、ちょっとアメリカの西海岸ぽい感じの音楽。あ、Green Grassでもカリフォルニアって言ってるね。。。


This is a short film made by the band.  You can enjoy the view of London as well.



Visit their Myspace ------- I AM ARROWS

There are only 2 songs on Myspace music player, but you can watch their music videos here.

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