Hello it's Fumie, it's been soooooooo long since I did  the last post!!

Well actually I've been working on a new music promotion project called Bang The Noise !!

Me and my friend Saki got together and decided to introduce many cool bands to the Japanese audience. So posts on the website are all written in Japanese.
Our main passions are for lo-fi garage/ psychedelic rock/ punk/ noise etc....but we love all great bands!! We also promote bands to Japanese record shops/ labels and also we organise their Japan tours so if you are aspiring musicians then please get in touch!!

めーーーーーっちゃご無沙汰してます。フミエです。もー最後のポストから長ーい事経っていてしまって申し訳ありません...実は去年の暮れから新しい音楽プロモーションプロジェクト、Bang The Noise /バング・ザ・ノイズを始めていました!


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